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The start of good habits

We have made additional information about your children's health and oral hygiene available to you. There you will find some tips to start the hygiene process on a good basis and teach them good habits.

Take the time to consult it, but know that we are always available and happy to answer all your questions!




Coverage for children under 10

The Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec covers several dental services for children under 10, including emergency care. Until the end of his 9 years, a child is entitled to 1 dental examination per year covered by the RAMQ. [...]

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One tooth at a time

On average, the first tooth comes in around the age of six months. In most cases, the 20 primary teeth will have completed a full eruption by the toddler’s third year of age. The two lower central incisors are generally the first to come out. [...]

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Oral hygiene for toddlers and kids

Children typically have most of their teeth by the time they are two years old. Children can start brushing their own teeth once they get older and have better coordination. We encourage parents to supervise and assist kids with brushing [...]

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The truth about fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral composed of fluorine combined with another element. It can be found in the soil, fresh or salt water, and the foods we eat. Fluoride has several virtues for oral and dental health, including the capacity to prevent tooth decay [...]

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Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

It is strongly suggested the first visit to the dentist takes place within 6 months following the eruption of the first tooth. This means your child should visit us around one year of age. This being said, it is better to come and meet us when your child is able to cooperate. [...]

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