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In order to make you feel better prepared after dental surgery, we have put in some documentation as a guide and postoperative advice. We strongly suggest that you refer to it to avoid any complications or unfortunate situations.

Take the time to read it, but know that we are always available and happy to answer all your questions!



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After a tooth extraction

Bite on a gauze (pad) for 20 minutes. Put back only if there is blood flow at the site of the surgery. Tasting blood is normal. If the bleeding persists, bite on a wet tea bag for 45 minutes. Do not spit, rinse or drink with a straw for 24 hours [...]

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Care for Alloderm gum graft

The day following the procedure, begin by brushing and flossing the areas that were not part of the surgical procedure. Avoid the surgical site until we give you proper instructions during your post-operative visit. A white film may accumulate over the [...]

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After a surgical dental procedure

After the procedure and before the effects of the anesthesia wear off, take the pain medication recommended by your dentist. It is normal to bleed a little. If you are bleeding a lot, apply firm pressure to the affected area with gauze for [...]

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Post-surgery instructions | Gum graft

There is no healing that occurs for the first 24 hours after a surgical procedure. The natural response to “injury” is swelling. The body always responds to an injury with a predictable inflammatory response, as the first step towards healing. Our Post-Op instructions are designed [...]

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