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What is SOLEA SLEEP® ?

SOLEA SLEEP® improves the quality of your sleep by gently firming the tissues of your palate and therefore reduces the vibrations that make you snore. Unlike surgical procedures that require long and painful recoveries, SOLEA SLEEP® is a quick, comfortable and non-surgical solution. The procedure is performed, most of the time, in one or two visits to the clinic.

You will therefore enjoy a quick relief from snoring for you and also for the benefit of your partner.

The main cause of snoring is the vibration caused when air passes through the loose tissues of your soft palate. These tissues relax more and more with age, weight gain and menopause.


How does it work?

SOLEA SLEEP®'s technology uses a low-energy laser to firm the soft tissues of the palate. This tightening of collagen results in a reduction in the vibrations that cause snoring. It is at its core, a fast, effective, painless and non-surgical treatment that provides rapid relief for the majority of people who snore.

Did you know that... 67% of adults snore !

Step 1


SnoreLab® is a app that records your snoring so you don’t just have to take your partner’s word for it! It has helped millions of people to better understand their snoring problem and discover solutions to improve their sleep.

After the SOLEA SLEEP® procedure, you can track the difference in your snoring score. Many of our patients have reported better sleep, improved breathing, and wake up feeling more rested. Their partners have, of course, reported sleeping better as well.

Step 2

Make an appointment

Ready for immediate relief from snoring, better sleep, a healthier life, and a happier bedmate? Do you want to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized? Schedule your complimentary airway screening today and sleep better tonight after your SOLEA SLEEP® treatment.

If we suspect sleep apnea following our screening examination, we will refer you to an ENT and/or pulmonologist for tests. Sleep apnea is a respiratory disease to be taken very seriously because it can be fatal. This is when we stop breathing during our sleep more than 5 times per hour.

Step 3

Rest easier !

Unlike other laser sleep treatments that require 3 to 4 visits, with SOLEA SLEEP®, after just one treatment, you’ll experience incredible results! Immediate relief from snoring, improved sleep and health, and happier bed partners. Treating snoring has never been easier!


Help you sleep better

To know more about the service SOLEA SLEEP®, we invite you to visit their website. For further more information or to speak with a professional, contact us right away at 450 473-6620.


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