Dr Biner obtained her Doctorate in Dentistry from the University of Montreal in 2004. Passionate about her field, she is always on the lookout for the latest technologies and techniques that continue to improve the patient experience.

Dr Biner takes the time to complete over 100 hours of classes annually in order to provide the very best in dentistry. These training courses include courses in aesthetics, orthodontics, gingival tissue grafts, periodontics, prosthodontics and motorized root canal treatment. She is a graduate of the American Association of dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM Mastery 1-2-3) , therefore specializing in sleep apnea screening and treatment with mandibular advancement orthosis.

Her main goal is to help her patients maintain beautiful teeth for life. She will be able to offer you the appropriate care according to your needs and will guide you towards optimal oral and general health.

A mother of two, she understands the needs of toddlers and their parents. She is renowned for her gentle approach and rigor at work, and will know how to put the most fearful patient at ease.

With Dr Biner, you will always have a pleasant and personalized experience.

Our Team

The members of our team



Dr Paquette-Jean is a graduate from the University of Montreal in Doctorat en Médecine dentaire in 2014.

After finishing a DEC in dental hygiene, Dr Paquette-Jean finished her doctorate with a special mention from « The International College of dentists ».

In 2016, she completed a course in sedation with Nitrous oxide to allow the most anxious patients to receive their treatments in a relaxed and comfortable way, without being asleep. Practicing family dentistry, she treats young and old with gentleness, minutia and attention.

Listening to her patients, she takes their health and interests to heart. Communication plays an important role in the patient’s approach so that the patient understands the different treatments offered and feels comfortable during treatments.

With her team, Dr Paquette-Jean will do everything in her power to make you want to smile !



Dental assistant
Dynamic and sparkling, Dominique knows how to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere with his patients. Mother of two children, she is great at reassuring and building confidence for young and old alike. A true “buffoon”, she will communicate her joie de vivre to you every time!


Dental assistant
Marie-Ève has been a dental assistant since 2013. She is passionate about her work, her friendly approach will make each visit to the dentist a unique and pleasant experience. She will reassure you and put you in confidence.


Dental assistant and secretary
During your treatments, Karina will charm you with her softness. She loves to help patients. She will take care of you like you are a member of her own family!


Dental Hygienist
Kateryne has been a dental hygienist since 2009. With her great sense of humor and good humor she will put you at ease. Mother of three (3) children, she loves to treat the little ones and especially to make the experience pleasant at the dentist.


Dental Hygienist
Marianne began her career in dentistry as a dental secretary. Interested in the practical side, she decided to continue her studies as a hygienist. You will be charmed by his dedication and enthusiasm for the profession.


Dental Hygienist
Mélodie is a fan of the health field. Being on the lookout for new techniques and technologies in the world of dentistry is one of her priorities. Careful and attentive, she will give you a relaxing and gentle experience. She will be happy to meet you!


Dental Hygienist
Natasha is a passionate hygienist whose openness and listening skills are greatly appreciated! Always smiling and attentive, you will be in good hands with this seasoned traveler who will be interested in all your past or future journeys!


Dental Hygienist
Noémie has been a dental hygienist since 2019. She has been a patient of Dr. Biner from a young age, now she is part of the team that gave her the love of the profession. Always smiling, she will charm you and make your experience pleasant.


Dental secretary
As soon as you enter the clinic, Alexandra will welcome you with her big smile. She will immediately put you at ease with her kindness and gentleness. She is also the mother of two (2) beautiful little girls.


Dental secretary
Sophie-Hélène joined the team in 2014. Professional and welcoming, she does everything to make your visit to the clinic pleasant and efficient.
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