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SOLEA® laser


You dream of a silent appointment, without anesthesia and pain?

This dream came true with the SOLEA® laser

This dental laser replaces the drill for «fillings» or the scalpel for soft tissue surgery treatments performed at the dentist. Delicate, fast, and precise, it is much less invasive than conventional surgical methods and promotes faster healing.

In addition, most patients no longer require anesthesia. No more numbness when you get home!

SOLEA® is our way of keeping you happy and of course, your smile makes us happy.

A zero-anxiety experience

  • No drill, needle, and numbness

  • Gentle and virtually painless treatments

  • Make less appointments and faster each time

  • Fast and predictable healing

  • Minimal postoperative discomfort

In what treatments do we use it?

We use SOLEA® laser for many treatments on your teeth, gums, and soft tissues, including:

  • Reparation of tooth decay or replacement of old fillings without anesthesia

  • Gingivectomy and gingivoplasty

  • Operculectomy and removal of fibroids

  • Frenectomy in children and adults

  • Biopsies

  • Treatment of cold sore and painful ulcers

    Very useful information | Once the laser is used to treat a cold sore, it will never appear in the same place again.


Makes your experience much more enjoyable

Being very precise, this laser makes it possible to treat only the diseased part while respecting the healthy elements. Since the procedure is done without syringes or stitches, the gums bleed little and heal faster.


Make an appointment online now

We now offer you the option of making an appointment online for all members of your family.
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